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Tucson, Arizona, February, 2018

Scenic drive to Southwestern Arizona- part 1

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Scenic drive to Southwestern Arizona- part 1

The drive to Yuma is a about 7 hours including meals and bathroom stops if you go to Organpipe cactus national monument. We took the AJO highway past Kitt Peal Observatory, and continued on to AJO for lunch. THen after lunch we drove down to the Organpipe monument for an hour or so. THen we drove north to the interstate I5 at Gila Bend, and continued on I5 to Yuma.

For some reason we thought that we might enjoy taking a road trip to Yuma. I had previously one time thought it might be interesting to see Yuma, but not recently.

As part of that thought that Yuma might be interesting was the idea that we could drive down to the gulf of California to see what's around the water on the Mexican coast.

But it turns out that the US government put out an alert that going to Mexico is not such a good idea because of kidnapping and drug trafficing events that could end up with a bad outcome. So we decided that visiting Mexico would not be on the itenerary on this trip.

The drive over to the national monument with lots of geological formations along the way.

There isn't much along the route. It's mainly open BLM land and Indian reservations, and a bombing ranges.

When you arrive at the national monument visitor center south of Ajo, there isn't very much to see other than the mountains all around. They aren't tall mountains, just plentiful mountains. More like big wrinkles in the surface of the earth.

THere are some interesting displays about the seasons in the desert and plant and animal life there in and near the visitor center.

We continued back up through AJO and took pictures of the old historic churches and other buildings in AJO.

Past Gila Bend there wasn't too much interesting except the mountains around Yuma along the interstate.

Yuma has quite a bit of agriculture in and around the area,and there are some military locations in and near Yuma.

We visited a Date farm where they have thousands of trees. We had lunch in downtown Yuma, and after lunch, we went to the downtown park along the Colorado river, which is a small river when it crosses the US - Mexico border.

We decided that most of the activities were closed to dog owners, so we decided to cut our visit short to just that one day. We headed back the next day. While we were there we decidedk that it was a really very hot place in the winter, and it must be an incredibly hot place in the summer. Too hot for our style of living.

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