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Tucson, Arizona, February, 2018

Walk around La Encantada & eat at North Italia restaurant- part 1

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Walk around La Encantada & eat at North Italia restaurant- part 1

Note: In this blog, I don't normally write about shopping centers or restaurants, however in the winter of 2017-2018 we both had the H3N2 flu and complications, so we were sick for close to 7 weeks before we fully recovered.

So we decided to just take a stroll in a shopping center while recovering, rather than something more aggressively active. The doctor said to allow 6 to 8 weeks before getting back to a normal workload or activity level to prevent a relapse.

La Encantada is a shopping center plaza in the north area of Tucson not far from the Santa Catalina Mountains.

This shopping center is an upscale shopping area. There are a lot of nice plantings that are well maintained in the plaza area for the shopping center. It makes a nice place to walk when you just want to stroll for a little exercise.

After we walked around and took some pictures, we went to the nort end of the shopping center to eat at a restaurant called North Italia, which has a few other locations in a few other cities. But it has the appearance of a ONE-OFF restaurant.

The kitchen is in the front area, and open to see all that's going on. It's pretty neat, and the atmosphere is pretty nice.

Plus the food is really good.

La Encantada has some beautiful plantings, making for a nice place to visit and walk around, and have a nice lunch afterwards.

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