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Tucson, Arizona - 2017

backpack back down the west branch of Sabino creek - part 3

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backpack back down the west branch of Sabino creek - part 3

This was the second time I have backpacked up west branch of Sabino creek.

Back in early December of 2017, Jason and I also had backpacked DOWN sabino creek, so this was the second time going down the west branch.

The trail was all downhill a couple thousand feet, but it still makes for a decent workout, especially with a 35 pound pack on my back.

The purpose of this 3 day trip, of which this was day 3, was to hike up Cathedral Rock trail to the saddle, and get pictures from that elevated platform.

The air was perfect on that day, and it wasn't too hot, which is not always the case, as many times haze or cloudiness in spring happens quite often.

The previous time we had hiked on the west branch trail, water in the creeks, or a shortage of it was an issue, and a concern. But this time, there was plenty of water at Hutches pool, and we filtered all that we needed.

The day that we decided to take on this hike, it was warm but not really hot for this time of the year down in the valley, and there a good breeze, pretty much perfect for hiking.

Our hike with backpacks was about 7.4 miles, and not bad since it was mostly down hill.

The last 3 miles, the trail had quite a few places where you had to hike up over rocks in the trail, and that was really the worst part of the hike back down the mountain.

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