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Clearlake oaks, California 2014

Bodega Bay Scenic drive

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Bodega Bay Scenic Drive

We drove up from Santa Rosa to Bodega Bay when the weather was too hot to ride our trikes one day. The temperatures on the coast were about 20 degrees cooler, so it was a very nice temperature. We stopped for lunch in the protected harbor part of the bay, and then after lunch drove over to the coast.

There were hundreds of boats in the protected harbor part of the bay, so we strolled along the sidewalk and looked at all the boats.

After our walk, we drove over to the coast side of the bay, to the park like area where you can see up and down the coast where the breakers crashed onto the rocks.

On the way back to Santa Rosa we saw an old church along the highway, and went over and took a couple of pictures.

It was a nice way to spend a day.

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