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Sea Ranch, California 2016

Drive to Sea Ranch, California

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Drive to sea ranch, California from Bend, Oregon

We needed to get Pearl groomed on the day we left, so we didn't really leave Bend until about 2PM, so we made it a 2 day trip with a stopover in Redding, California.

The visual highlight of the trip was definitely Mount Shasta in Norhtern California. as you can see by the pictures.

We encountered rain off and on along the way, including a stretch of fog when we came closer to the coast.

When we got to the coast, it was rainy, so we weren't able to unload the trailer until the next day, which was just as well, since I was tired from driving all day.

But it was a pretty drive along the way, and there wasn't too much traffic as it worked out.

Although it seemed like it shouldn't have been too hard to make it in a 1 day drive, when we got there, I was glad we made it into a two day trip, since we got such a late start out of Bend.

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