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Sea Ranch, California 2016

Lunch at Gualala, California

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Lunch at Gualala, California

We went to Gualala, which is the only town near Sea Ranch for lunch at a place that turned out to be our favorite stop. It was a nice little place named Trinks, which rhymes with drinks.

In the back yard, there are the views north and sounth out toward the ocean west of the restaurant, which you see in the pictures.

There is a nice grassy yard that leads down to the ocean cliffs.

There is a long sandbar that separates the ocean from the Gualala creek, which is surprising when you think about the fact that the Gualala creek is supposed to be a Salmon stream, which normally are connected to the ocean directly, without a sandbar in the way.

Looking south of the town, one notices the state park, which allows access to the sandbar.

Looking north, one notices a very expensive modern looking home that is nice looking.

Gualala is an interesting little town.

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