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Sea Ranch Summer 2016

Hike down along the coast - part 3

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Hike down along the coast - part 3

We were staying on the coast of California, at Sea Ranch, a small community just south of Gualala, California, and about an hour south of Mendocino, and it's about 100 miles north of San Francisco. There are about 30 miles or more of trails in the hills and coast areas of Sea Ranch. We decided we wanted to walk down to the ocean. We were staying near Halcyon, so we walked down that road to what's called the bluff trail, that goes along the ocean. this is one of about a dozen or more trails east of Highway 1 in Sea Ranch.

We walked west to the ocean, and then followed the bluff trail north toward the Gualala Point state park.

There were lots of beautiful views out to the ocean along the trail. There is often a nice breeze blowing off the pacific, although on days when the wind dies down it can get hot in some of the sunny stretches, even though it's only about 60F.

There were several small groves of windblown pines that look like a flame being blown inland toward the east. There are sections of trail that feel like a cave of trees that one walks through.

Along the way there are lots of views of rocky coastline, and views of surf crashing on the rocks below, and out toward the ocean crashing on the sea stacks.

It was a beautiful day that was in the lower 60's and partly cloudy with light winds, like most every other day here.

The trail was covered with pine needles and chipper exhaust tree chips, which made for a good trail bed.

This section of trail doesn't gain or lose much elevation unlike some other sections which may gain or lose 200 feet or more.

The bluff trail is partly public and partly private. The public access sections of trail have a bathroom and parking, and a trail that people can use to walk down to the beach or rocky coastline section.

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