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Sea Ranch, California 2016

Scenic Drive to Mendocino Botanical Garden, California - part 3

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Scenic Drive to Mendocino Botanical Garden, California - part 3

This scenic drive has two benefits. The first benefit is the drive up to Mendocino is a beautiful scenic drive up the northern California coast. The other joy is to see the beauty of the botanical garden in Mendocino.

The coastline is beautiful, with the cliffs and beautiful ocean views along up and down the coast north from San Francisco to Oregon. That also includes the stretch of coast where we're staying in Sea Ranch.

It was a beautiful day, except for a little haze that came in off the ocean. As we drove north from Sea Ranch, the haze grew into an overcast, which is often the case along the coast.

The site for the Botanical garden extends from Highway 1 clear over to the ocean. The area of the garden occupies 47 acres. The garden has everything that can grow in this area. Here is a link to the website for this garden...

The gardens include flowers, flowering bushes and flowering trees, including various succulents and other plants all organized into large artwork.

After walking through the garden, one can also have a nice lunch in the area, at any number of restaurants.

Afterwards, we drove down the coast back to Sea Ranch, which is a very esthetically pleasant section of coast.

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