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Sea Ranch, California 2016

Scenic Drive to Bodega Bay, California - part 2

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Scenic Drive to Bodega Bay, California - part 2

We had visited Bodega Bay when we were staying in Clear Lake Oaks, california a year ago and we liked the area, and didn't feel like we had seen everything there was to see here, and decided we wanted to come back for another visit.

The coastline is beautiful, with the cliffs and beautiful ocean views along up and down the coast enroute to Bodega Bay, from where we're staying up in Sea Ranch 40 miles north of there.

It was a beautiful day, except for a little haze that came in off the ocean.

We visited the church and house that was used in the movie "birds", by Alfred Hitchcock, back decades ago.

We also drove over to the outer bank west of the harbor to view the beautiful rocky coast on the west side, and took some pictures.

We had lunch there and it was good to have fish. I made the mistake of buying the chowder, as it had been loaded up with sodium. I think I got enough sodium for maybe a year or two. Not sure why restaurants do that. I wish they wouldn't, I felt sick for hours afterwards.

On the drive back home, we stopped a couple places to view the coastline, in all it's beauty. THere was a black bird that seemed pretty tame that I took a picture of at one of the seaside places we visited.

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