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Lunch on Punta Gorda Boardwalk

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Checking out local restaurants

We met Homer in Punta Gorda for lunch one day at Peace River seafood restaurant on Duncan Street. The seafood was good, and so was the conversation.

While we were there Homer told us about another restaurant, Harpoon Harrys restaurant on the boardwalk. He said the food wasn't any better, but the atmosphere is a little nicer looking out on the water of Peace River.

So we decided to visit the place, and it was a nice place to eat. We got a booth on the water and it was nice ambience, I must admit. The view over the water was good.

I ordered an order of fish and chips, and sandi ordered shrimp and french fries, and neither of us had a negative word to say about the taste and freshness of either of our meals.

The price was on the high side, but I think most of the places in southern florida in the winter time jack up their prices to scrape a little extra money off the northern visitors.

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