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Scenic drive to Idaho City - part 1

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Scenic drive to Idaho City - part 1

Idaho City is a town in the middle of Boise NF along Idaho route 21.

The drive up Idaho route 21 is very scenic.

We drove past the reservoir just after we left Interstate 84 heading north.

The upper reservoir was being emptied as fast as they could empty it, because the snow pack last winter was about 170% of an average of recent years' snow pack.

The snow is melting now, and there is a severe risk of flooding of Boise if the reservoir levels are not properly managed to avoid that problem.

In the pictures one can notice the tremendous rate at which the upper reservoir is being emptied.

The route was very scenic, with mostly high desert and mountains along the route.

There was a mountain stream along the side of the road as one proceeded north on route 21 after a few miles past the reservoir.

The hills on either side of the state highway were green from the recent melting of the heavy snow pack, watering all the vegetation on the hillsides.

There wasn't much to see in Idaho city, and apparently the restaurants don't like people who have dogs there, which is very much unexpected.

That having been said, the drive up highway 21 is a scenic drive.

We will be avoiding Idaho City restaurants until they change their anti-dog policies.

There are other towns with restaurants, where you can have lunch and otherwise spend your money, or just pack your lunch while in Boise and then stop along route 21 and have a picnic.

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