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Boise Idaho, May, 2017

Scenic drive to Snake River birds of prey conservation area - part 2

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Scenic drive to Snake River birds of prey conservation area - part 2

The Snake River Birds of Prey conservation area is a BLM area southwest of Boise, Idaho, about 30 miles from Boise.

The drive down to the conservation area is very scenic, with the mountains in north Nevada being snow capped and remote.

One the way to the area, one covers a pretty rural area.

Even though the abundant excess snowfall was melting, one wouldn't know it from looking at the Snake river, which didn't seem to be higher than normal.

The conservation area is basically a wide open area where the Raptors would nest and live some of the time.

You could see lots of large raptors flying around in circles riding the thermals up over the ledge of the cliffs overlooking the river.

There were some interesting placcards at the visitor area for viewing the birds in the area.

It's a pretty area, not for the least reason because of the beauty of the Snake river.

It's a nice experience, well worth the time to drive down south of Boise for a few hours.

It's a pretty remote area, so it's best to bring a picnic bag with you since there aren't any restaurants in the area.

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