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Boise Idaho, May, 2017

Scenic drive to Jump creek falls - part 2

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Scenic drive to Jump creek falls - part 2

The Jump creek falls is a scenic attraction southwest of Boise, Idaho, about 50 miles from Boise.

The drive down to the falls is very rural, with farms along the way.

The Jump Creek falls are located in a little canyon that is out in the middle of nowhere.

From the parking area, you walk up a trail into the canyon and you find yourself facing the waterfall.

There are other trails, one leads to the area above the canyon so you can look down on the canyon. We didn't take that trail, but we saw others hiking up to it.

It's a pretty area, not for the least reason because of the beauty of the Snake river.

It's a nice experience, well worth the time to drive down south of Boise for a few hours.

It's a pretty remote area, so it's best to bring a picnic bag with you since there aren't any restaurants in the area.

Afterwards, we planned to swing by Owyhee lake, which is about 30 miles west from the falls. The road to the lake is very remote, and there are no street signs to speak of along the way. So at one point garmin gave us a bad direction and we ended up off the correct road, and finally turned around when it got too rough.

We found out later if we'd the right directions on a turn, we could have made it there in about 8 more miles, just driving over a bluff. Maybe next time.

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