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Albuquerque New Mexico 2014

Paseo Del Bosque TRAIL

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Paseo Del Bosque Trail Trike Ride

We found the Paseo Del Bosque trail on, It's the rails to trails website, and it's a great resource for people who are looking for a good bike trail. Many of these trails are asphault, which often means if the trail is being maintained that the trail is smooth, and a joy to ride, which is important to the vast majority of people who do not have a bike ot trike with suspension.

We prefer bike trails that are reasonably flat, reasonably well maintained, that go through places where one would want to spend time, that has things like fresh air not polluted by motor vehicles, trees or other natural things to view. Asphalt or concrete pavement. Straight or curved doesn't matter. But as it turns out most rails to trails projects end up with straight trails mostly, which is ok. This is one of those trails. It's level, smooth, and a true joy for those who want to breathe fresh air and get some good exercise. Many also jog or walk along this trails that parallels the rio grand river for the fresh air and peaceful quiet of this trail. The trail goes 16 miles, and is a true joy.

The main idea is to get fresh air, good exercise that is a good experience and is good for me, and is a pleasant pastime. In central New Mexico most years, it's pleasant between Mid February and Mid May, and between Mid September to the mid December for outside exercise.

The other side of that coin is if you're going to go on this trail, then don't do it in the summer. It just gets too hot to enjoy the bike ride.

I didn't notice any problems with bugs or other nuissances when we rode on the trail. It was getting hot when we rode in early May, but still was tolerable. Probably would have been more fun if we would have either ridden early in the morning, or around 5PM, when the heat of the day is starting to ease.

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