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Hike up Sandias Piedra Lisa trail - part 1

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Hike up Sandias Lisa trail trail - part 1

The Piedra trail is the trail with it's trailhead nearest the La Luz trail. It's the trail that goes through the most northwestern section of the Sandias' mountains. Hiking up from the south trailhead is not a difficult trail, and there are many pleasant panoramic views in every direction.

The trail ends in an undeveloped area of national forest a little bit west of Placitas.

The trail never gets up to a very high elevation, although at the crest at mid trail, there is a side trail that leads up to the crest trail what reaches over 10,000 feet.

It was a pleasant hike. I took my dog Pearl, and my lunch, and we ate our lunch at the crest before we turned around to return to the car.

The hike is only a little under 5 miles round trip, and it's only about 1,700 feet up from the trailhead up to the crest.

The day that I decided to take on this hike, it was partly cloudy, and nice and cool. Both Pearl and I really enjoyed this hike.

There were lots of interesting views up and down the trail.

It's a great hike. Next time I'm in town I plan to also hike from the crest down to the northern trailhead as a "one way" hike. it should be a great hike.

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