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Port Orford Oregon Summer 2015

Scenic Drive to Gold Beach - part 2

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Scenic Drive to Gold Beach - part 2

We were staying on the coast of Oregon, and of course, one of the attractions of the coast are the scenic beaches and the scenic coast line, so one day we decided that Gold Beach must have named the town after the beach for some reason, and it was time to find out why.

Port Orford is about a half an hour north of Gold Beach on highway 101, so it was a small matter to drive down to check it out.

We noticed that there was a nice beach on the south end of town with a visitor center. We went to a restaurant on highway 101 and took it to the beach to have a picnic.

Sadly, it was a very windy day. So windy, in fact, so that we couldn't get out of the car to eat for fear that our sandwiches would blow away, so we ate in our car and looked out the windshield at the breakers crashing on the beach before our eyes. There was a drydocked sea stack on the beach that stood about 30 feet tall, and was interesting looking.

After we ate, we had a hankering to get some sand on our shoes, so we grabbed Pearls leash, got out of the car and started heading down to the beach.

There are two things in life that Pearl absolutely adores, and they are 1) running on the beach or through snow, and 2) hiking on trails in the woods and up mountains.

So, as soon as Pearl got down to the beach, she started running back and forth between Sandi and I at full speed expressing her Joy of life.

It was unfortunate that the wind was about 30 mph with gusts up to 45mph, because that took away from the enjoyment for Sandi and I, but Pearl didn't even notice.

The beach and shoreline near there was very scenic, and we understood why they named the town after the beaches there after having visited. It's really nice, but then you can see that in the pictures.

  picture 1
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