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Port Orford Oregon Summer 2015

Scenic Drive to Port Orford Heads st. pk. - part 4

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Scenic Drive to Port Orford Heads st. pk. - part 4

We were staying on the coast of Oregon, at Port Orford, and we found out that "just around the corner" was the Port Orford Heads State Park. This was the second visit to this park, which was less than a half mile down the road toward the west(out toward the point).

Decades ago, there was a coast guard placement where there were coast guard personnel who went out whenever there was a fishing boat that was in trouble in a storm or windy conditions.

There was a lookout tower on the point where the coast guard folks could keep an eye on the fishermen to see if there was any trouble.

There are a few miles of trails that go around on the "heads" land and provide nice views of the coast and ocean.

There's a museum there that shows the lifeboats and other period items of interest in the barracks for the coast guard.

It makes for a nice walk on a pleasant day, there's always a breeze out there on the heads, which is nice on a hot day in the sun.

The trails are not challenging, but are interesting and shows the vegitation of the rain forest that is on the heads.

There are several placcards that provide details about the area, and it's geology and history that are interesting to read.

You can easily spend an afternoon looking at the museum, taking the trails, sitting along the trails watching the action on the shore with the breakers, and reading the posted information. Well worth a visit to this state park.

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