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Port Orford Oregon Summer 2015

Hike out to Blacklock point

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Hike out to Blacklock point

We were staying on the coast of Oregon, and of course, one of the attractions of the coast are the scenic beaches and the scenic coast line, so one day we decided to go take a look at Blacklock point, taking the hiking trail that Sandi thought she might like.

Port Orford is about a eight miles south of the cape blanco state airport, where the parking is for the Blacklock point hiking trail. You go up highway 101 about six miles, and then go on the airport road to the end.

The trail winds through a forest, and you can't see anything but the forest until the last minute before you reach the point. The rainforest that you walk through is pretty thick as one might expect.

It wasn't very windy, and it was a partly cloudy sunny day. It was a little bit on the warm side, but not bad for a hike on flat ground like this one.

The trail was a little more than a couple of miles round trip, but not a difficult trail for anyone to hike.

We all enjoyed this hike, including Pearl. Not too long and not too challenging.

When we reached the point, you can go out through these bushy weeds and look down on the cliffs. It's pretty scenic, the pictures tell the whole story.

As one emerges from the forest, one notices that the wind speed picks up. You can see that there are breakers in the picture, and I think it felt like 20 or 30MPH winds after you emerged from the woods.

This made for a nice short hike near where we were staying. We didn't see many other hikers, and overall it was a good experience that I would recommend.

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