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Port Orford Oregon Summer 2015

Scenic Drive to Cape Arago state park - part 2

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Scenic Drive to Cape Arago state park - part 2

We were in the Coos Bay area for shopping one day and decided to go look at Cape Arago state park before we bought our perishable groceries.

Port Orford is about 30 miles south of Coos Bay, and Cape Arago is along the coast just southwest of Coos Bay.

This state park has lots of wildlife, such as seals and birds, etc. There are several informational placcards, which are helpful in understanding the ecosystem around that section of coastline.

It was a nice day for sight seeing, with the weather being very cooperative. There was a bit of wind, but in the fall on the Oregon coast, that is a constant factor.

There is lots of parking and a few short hiking trails to get a better view of the wildlife and scenic coastline.

The views of wildlife are very good, and the trails and access is designed to get a good look at the birds and seals.

We spent the better part of an hour at two or three different viewing locations reading about the ecosystem there and viewing the wildlife and taking pictures.

We all enjoyed our time there, and the went on to do our shopping there in Coos Bay.

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