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Port Orford Oregon - summer 2015

Bushwack out Port Orford Heads State Park - Part 4

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Bushwack out Port Orford Heads State Park - Part 4

Port Orford heads state park doesn't have a formal trail that goes out to the north point, but there was a path in the thicket probably worn by wild animals that was about a foot wide or maybe 8 inches wide.

It looked like there must be some good views out there, and I had previously asked another hiker who was a local, and they said that they knew one or two people who had hiked out there, but that they hadn't.

So I at least knew that there were no physical barriers to prevent me from getting out to the point to take some pictures.

I started out at a point near the north end of the peninsula of land that led out to the point, and soon I found that pearl wasn't able to get through the 24 inch tall thicket that grew on the ground.

I was having quite a bit of trouble too, so I surveyed the area, and about 50 yards to the south there looked like there might be a slightly better path.

So I picked Pearl up like a football and somehow powered through those 50 yeads of uneven ground and thicket, and found that the trail was quite a bit better there.

It was far from perfect, but it looked like there was a space that was about 8 inches wide that wasn't too overgrown to push through. So I put Pearl down, and she was able to nose her way through the thicket, and was even able to continue to find the trail even though it was not clear in several places, because her nose was nearest to the ground I suppose, and she could see through it.

I followed her down the trail and we finally made to out far enough that we got past the thicket, and was able to see the way through.

There was a section of woods about 30 yards long before it became just rock and gravel and a narrow row of weeds along the north side of the point, going out to the far end.

From the pictures one can see that there were lots of nice views there that aren't available further east of the point, so it was worth the effort of the bushwack.

One could get good pictures of the space between the two land masses that are on the west end of the point, and could see the sea action between them, and the rocks.

On the way back pearl again was able to see the path better than I was. I recommend making this bushwack in bright daylight so you can see the "trail" more or less, otherwise you'll be pushing through a 2 foot tall tangle, and it's going to be tough to get through.

It seems like the bushes and trees out on the point are more resistant to being pushed aside, probably due to the windy nature of the point, so as to keep from being blown away.

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