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Port Orford Oregon - summer 2015

Hike Battle Rock Beach State Park - Part 1

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Hike Battle Rock Beach State Park - Part 1

Battle Rock beach is right at the south end of town, and extending futher south for a couple of miles along the shoreline.

The park couldn't be any more convenient to Port Orford residents.

There are a number os sea stacks (rocks) out in the water and onshore down this stretch of beach. It's pretty looking down the sand and out into the water. There is also quite a bit of driftwood.

Offshore there is a fish preserve along the coast there.

The rocks are interesting to look at, and it's a nice way to spend an afternoon.

The panorama is nice, with Barklow mountain at the south end of the beach, and the Port Orford Heads across the water to the west.

There are some informational placcards at the north end of the park.

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