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Port Orford Oregon - summer 2015

Hike Grassy Knob Wilderness Area - Part 1

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Hike Grassy Knob Wilderness Area - Part 1

There aren't many good hiking trails near Port Orford in the mountains between the coast and Interstate 5.

Grassy Knob is a short ride up highway 101 north of Port Orford.

To get to this hike one follows a windy rock road a few miles until the end of the road at the Grassy Knob wilderness boundary.

The trail is not especially long, being just a few tenths of a mile to the site of a watchtower that had been removed in the past.

The trail goes through the woods in a straight line, and finally winds at the upper end of the trail.

It's a fairly decent view at the peak, you can see to the south and west somewhat. But to the north the view is obscured by trees.

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