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Port Orford Oregon Summer 2015

Scenic Drive to Brookings - part 1

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Scenic Drive to Brookings - part 1

Brookings, Oregon is about an hour south of Port Orford on Highway 101.

Along the coast, it seems like there is a town everywhere that there's a significant river coming down out of the mountains to the coast. Port Orford is near the Elk river and Sixes river. Gold Beach is located on the Rogue river. Brookings is located on the Chetco river.

Brookings is a bustling town down near the California coast, and has a lot to offer, not unlike Coos Bay, there are other jobs besides fishing.

There is a state park just north of town that has lots of nice panoramas.

We had lunch at the superfly restaurant, and liked what we ate there.

People talk about the Brookings effect, meaning a warming breeze in the winter around Brookings, thus some people like to visit here in the winter.

We enjoyed our visit to Brookings. It seemed like a nice place to visit, or maybe to live there.

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