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Bend, Oregon 2016

Drive down from Tucson to Bend - part 3

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Drive down from Tucson to Bend - part 3

This was our first drive through northern Nevada or Western Oregon, so we didn't know how beautiful the geography was along the way with all the mountains.

From Tucson we drove up through Phoenix, and took US highway 60, an then 93 toward las Vegas and stayed the first night in Henderson.

Next morning we drove past Las Vegas and took US 95 north to Tonopah, and then took US 6 for a jog over to Nevada 376 north to US50 for a jog over to Nevada 306 up to Interstate 80 west to Winnemucka.

We stayed overnight in Winnemucka. The next morning we drove north on US95 to Oregon 78 west. Took Oregon 78 west to US20, and then continued on US20 all the way west to Bend.

The mountains that go along Nevada state road 376 are particularly delightful.

Overall the trip was uneventful. It was a good route.

We arrived at the house in Bend at 4PM and tried to back the trailer into the garage with a lot of effort we finally were able to disconnect the trailer in the driveway and manually guide the trailer into the garage with the help of some neighbors and a lot of sweat, and then we began unloading the trailer.

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