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Bend, Oregon 2016

Newberry Volcanic Monument, Bend, Oregon - part 3

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Newberry volcanic Monument, Bend, Oregon - part 3

Newberry volcanic Monument is one of the largest volcanoes in North America, being roughly 70 miles long and 25 miles wide. The ejecta from this volcano has been found all over the northwest from the San Francisco area to British Columbia, and east to Idaho.

On the day when we visited Newberry, it was in the high 40's with a 15 mph wind gusting to 25, and that amounted to a cold cutting wind. This was a year when the cold wet weather extended into May. Had we visited in the prior year, it would have been quite different and all of the snow melt would have been completed. There are places less than 30 miles from Bend where there is 10 feet of snow still on the ground. These are places that are above 5,000 feet, but it's a late snow season however you cut it this year.

First we went to the north visitor center, and did the hike toward the lava butte in the lava field, and we then went and had lunch. After lunch we went to the lava cast forest.

All of the walking amounted to about 2 miles, and it was all easy walking. There were several places where one could see Mount Bachelor, still covered with snow, as well as Sisters mountain, and a few mountains to the south.

There were several places where, as you can see by the pictures, the lava had closed around trees, and as the lava cooled, it cast the lava around the tree. Overall, Newberry monument is a nice place to spend several days seeing everything, and taking the hiking trails. But don't come before the middle of June, because the roads above 5,000 feet are likely to be closed.

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