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Bend, Oregon 2016

Scenic drive up Highway US20

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Scenic drive up Highway US20

Highway US20 passes over the crest of the Cascade mountain range. This highway extends from Bend, Oregon to Interstate 5 at Albany, Oregon.

Along the route one can observe the Sisters mountains, Three fingered jack, Black Butte, and other mountains along the way. This highway also cuts through the Willamette National Forest, so there are lots of woods on both sides of the highway.

On the day when we took this scenic drive, it was in the high 60's with a 10 mph breeze, and it was partly cloudy so that the sun provided heat except when the clouds blew past.

Being the end of May, there are a lot of cloudy days like this one, but overall it was a beautiful day to take a drive.

From the pictures, one can observe that there is still plenty of snow on the mountains. While we were staying in Bend, the ski area at Mount Bachelor still had skiiers coming to enjoy sliding down the white fluffy stuff.

In order to take this drive from Bend, one has to pass by the town of sisters, which is a town which is geared up and accustomed to plenty of car traffic passing through, featuring restaurants, tourist traps, etc. The summer is an important season for them, however they also benefit from the skiier traffic coming from Portland and Seattle.

The Pacific Crest Trail passes through US20 highway near the crest of the mountain range, and there is a trailhead just off the highway on the north side.

There were several places where, as you can see by the pictures, there are scenic mountains and some lakes as well.

Overall, it was a nice scenic drive with lunch from Bend up highway US20 to the east about 50 miles. I would recommend it for the fresh air and scenery.

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