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Bend, Oregon 2017

Taking a walk near our rental house in Bend, Oregon - part 1

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Taking a walk near our rental house in Bend, Oregon - part 1

We descovered that Bend is a very friendly town for pedistrians the first time we stayed there the previous year, hence we take quite a few walks around town to stay active, and because it's nice to be able to just walk instead of having to get into a car to go everywhere.

Although Bend has reached a population of 81,000, it somehow retains the personality of a town of a quarter of that, yet has all of the amenities of a larger town, or small city.

The house where we stayed was on Shevlin Hixon, which is near a park on the Deschutes river which has facilities developed for wave riding, kayaking and canoeing. The city parks department built a bathrooms and change facility nearby, and there is parking for people who wish to partake or watch the proceedings.

In the neighborhood, there are several commercial buildings, which appear to have landscaping services, with lots of flowers and ornamental plantings for esthetics.

There is a library book swap booth only feet from the rental house. The concept is you take a book, and leave a replacement. Interesting concept.

There were several places where one could see through the trees Mount Bachelor, still covered with snow, as well as Sisters mountain, and a few mountains to the south.

There are lots of services that are located along our walking route to downtown, Bend.

From where we were staying, we only have to walk a couple of blocks to the bridge over the Deschutes River on Colorado Avenue.

At the park down on the river, there are usually a number of "live in" vans and pickups, which are usually interesting viewing, and often have young people who have wetsuits who enjoy riding the wave on the river.

Of course, a wet suit is quite necessary, since the Deschutes river is fed by snow melt.

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