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Bend, Oregon 2017

Paulina peak hike near Bend, Oregon - part 2

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Paulina peak hike near Bend, Oregon - part 2

Paulina Peak is the highest point of Newberry Volcano caldera. Newberry volcano is one of the largest calderas in the United States.

The Paulina Peak trail goes along a ridge right up to the peak on the highest elevation side of the cauldera, providing an excellent view of the cauldera with it's two lakes and the other side of the cauldera several miles distant.

When I hiked this trail it was a nice cool day, in the lower 60's with a nice breeze, about perfect for hiking.

The trail is very well maintained, with only one fallen tree across the trail.

Pearl and I hiked up about a couple of hours, and were feeling hungry, so we stopped just below the peak, and had lunch. We sat there for ten or fifteen minutes to let our stomachs settle, and then we headed back down the trail.

We covered a little over 4 miles round trip total gaining about 1,500 feet, it was a very pleasant hike.

From the top you can see a huge obsidian flow down the side of the cauldera, as well as the two lakes located in the base of the cauldera.

From the top in the distance you can see Mount Bachelor and Sisters mountains, as well as several other peaks in the distance.

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