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Florence, Oregon 2017

Take a walk around Florence Oregon - part 1

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Take a walk around Florence Oregon - part 1

According to Wikipedia..... Florence is located on the Oregon Coast at the mouth of the Siuslaw River, immediately north of Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, at about the same latitude as Eugene, Oregon.

It is approximately midway between the other major central Oregon coastal cities of Newport and Coos Bay.

The Florence area was originally inhabited by the Siuslaw (pronounced sigh-you-slaw) tribe of Native Americans. Some claim that the city was named after state senator A. B. Florence, who represented Lane County from 1858 to 1860; another claim is that Florence was named after a French vessel that was wrecked at the mouth of the Siuslaw River on February 17, 1875.

No matter what it's named after, Florence is a small, friendly Oregon coastal town that is very liveable. Although local jobs are mostly related to the tourist trade, which US highway 101 brings to the town in considerable quantity, this is a complete town. It has a police department, park department, public school system, and local hospital, not to mention a harbor, and tourist trade on bay street near the water.

With a population of less than 9,000, the town is small enough to be friendly and walkable. With so much traffic on US highway 101, it's better to walk on some of the other streets that have a lot less traffic.

On our walk on that day, we walked to the post office from the house that we rented, and then we walked down to "old town", which is the name of the area down on bay street with restaurants, coffee shops, a bakery, and some stores.

On this day we stopped at the Maple Street Grill, and had a nice lunch that was graciously served and was delicious and reasonably priced.

After a nice lunch, we stopped in at the Siuslaw Coffee Co. under the US highway 101 bridge on Bay Street. The coffee was good, and the employees were friendly and helpful.

It was a nice walk and the town is very pedestrian friendly. It's a nice place to stay in the warmer months, when it doesn't rain as much.

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