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Florence, Oregon 2017

hike Sweet Creek waterfalls trail, near Florence, Oregon - part 2

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hike Sweet Creek waterfalls trail, near Florence, Oregon - part 2

Sweet Creek is a stream about 10 miles or so east of Florence Oregon off the beaten path. The stream cascades down several small to medium sized water falls, and is very scenic.

The trail follows along the creek, and is not a difficult trail to hike. There are several spots when you can walk down to the creek and take a closer look or take a picture.

When we hiked this trail it was a nice cool day, in the mid 60's with a little breeze, but not much wind was felt in this coastal rain forest where the humidity is fairly high.

This is a very popular hike, because it's so easy to hike and so very scenic. We saw probably 50 people on the day when we hiked this short trail.

The trail doesn't have any cliffs or steep ravines or other things that might put off someone afraid of heights. For my personal preferences, I prefer the large verticle variations in elevation. But the waterfalls makes it very scenic.

All in all it was a very pleasant hike, I would recommend it to anybody who likes waterfalls and a nice short walk in nature.

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