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Florence, Oregon 2017

Cape Mountain peak hike, Florence, Oregon - part 1

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Cape Mountain peak hike, Florence, Oregon - part 1

Cape mountain is not really a mountain, but it's more like a coastal hill that is about 1,400 feet at it's peak. The trail is a network of about 26 miles of trails that goes through a forest of hemlock, redwood, pine and fir trees, designed to be a horse trail by the forest service, but it's suitable for horses, pedestrians, and mountain bikes.

When I hiked this trail it was a nice cool day, in the lower 60's with a nice breeze, about perfect for hiking.

Pearl and I hiked up about a couple of hours, and were feeling hungry, so we stopped and had lunch up at the top of Cape mountain. We sat there for ten or fifteen minutes to let our stomachs settle, and then we headed back to the trailhead. Total distance was about 6 miles or so.

The trail for the most part is in extremely good shape and well maintained. Threr are maps at every junction. It's really better designed than most trails at a national park from my experience. You never really wonder where you're at. It's nice. Somebody worked very hard to make this a nice trail.

All in all it was a very pleasant hike, I would recommend it to anybody who wants to do hikes through the forest.

Pearl and I had the whole mountain to ourselves. We didn't even hear a car drive along the road that is near a section of the trail. It was nice and peaceful.

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