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Port Angeles Washington Fall 2016

Drive to Elwah river and Madison creek falls, Washington

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Drive to Elwah river and Madison creek falls, Washington

Madison Creek Falls is a small waterfall that feeds into the lower Elwah River. The Elwah river is the river that had the power generating dam that was destroyed as a part of trying to restore the Salmon fish in the Elwah.

I wanted to see the dam site of the Elwah, but unfortunately we didn't make it up there while we visited the area this trip.

The Madison creek falls is a small falls that has a steady low flow stream. It's a pretty little waterfall, and the Elwah is also a beautiful mountain stream nearby.

There are many scenic views in all directions of the Olympic mountains.

The trail to Madison creek falls is just a short walk from the parking lot in view of the Elwah river.

Visiting the creek and waterfall is well worth the 10 minute drive west of Port Angeles. It's located just a half mile off US101.

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