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Port Angeles, Washington, September 2016

Scenic Drive to Cape Flattery - Part 2

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Scenic Drive to Cape Flattery - Part 2

We knew when we set out to drive up to Cape Flattery in the northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula that it would be an all day affair, and it certainly was.

To get to Cape Flattery, you head west from Port Angeles on US101, and then turn off on Washington state road 112. You follow 112 clear to the end where it turns into the cape loop road, and you take that to the Cape Flattery trailhead parking lot.

It takes about 2 hours or so to get to the parking lot, roughly speaking.

You might consider packing a lunch in a cooler if you go this way. Because there aren't many restaurants along the way.

We stopped at the "by-the-bay cafe" in Sekiu. Sekiu is a small town on a bay, and the restaurant there was small, but OK overall.

The road goes through the Makah indian reservation for a ways, and finally ends up at Cape Flattery trailhead parking lot.

The trail has a boardwalk for part of the way to prevent erosion and because sometimes the trail would be steep and wet, were the boardwalk not there.

When you get down toward the ocean, you have a nice view of the craggy eroded stone coast, and you can see across the water to tatoosh island, which is located a few miles off the cape. It's all very beautiful, and very much worth the drive.

It's nice to take a short hike after riding in the car for a while to keep from getting "stiff", from sitting in the car seat for so long.

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