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Hike up mount zion - part 1

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Hike up mount zion - part 1

The mount zion trail has some impressive views up on the ridge in the Olympic mountains. Take forest road 2851 to the east side of Mount zion to the trailhead. Don't blink or you'll miss it. Don't confuse it with the other trailhead on the west side of Mount zion, or any other trailheads in the area. They might be ok too, however I haven't checked them out, and it appears that if you're coming from the north, that this is the closest trailhead.

Considering how easy it is to do this hike, it is so worth it to hike this trail. When I hiked this trail, I was suffering severe anemia, and it was harder for me to breathe than normal.

So although the trail is about 5 miles round trip (to where I turned around), and only about 1,800 feet elevation gain, it was worth it because the views are very nice.(see pictures)

It's fortunate that the elevation was under 7,000 feet, with the breathing issues I had with my anemic condition.

One drives on a bit of forest road for a few miles to the trailhead.

The trail winds around the south and east side of the mountain, and ends up on the ridge.

The day that I decided to take on this hike, it was partly cloudy, and nice and cool. At about 4,500 feet, it wasn't too bad with just my sweathshirt.

There were lots of interesting views up and down the trail, but the real view is up on the top.

Up on the top, there is a large rock that you can crawl up on and view the whole westerly panorama, and it's really a nice view, and a great place to have your lunch and rest before you start hiking back down the mountain.

It was a good hike, and the views were really better than I had feared, since you can't really see anything through the forest until you get up to the top. I think there may have been more views up on the north side, but I didn't go that way, coming from the east and south side.

It's a great hike, and not too hard at all. The trailhead is a little out of the way, but really not much worse than many of the trailheads in Olympic national forest. It's well worth taking this hike when you're in the area, and best of all, you can take your dog!!

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