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Port Orchard Washington Summer 2015

Scenic Drive to Manchester State Park

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Scenic Drive to Manchester State Park

We didn't feel like driving and so we decided to go to a park in Port Orchard. It's just a short drive to Manchester State Park.

The state park is on the northeast tip of the shortline of the channel that leads to Bremmerton Shipyards. Bremmerton being a Navy shipyard, the military put in gun emplacements to protect the shipyard back when that was the defensive strategy of choice.

There are all the trappings of an early 20th century naval base in this park, and there are forested and overgrown areas. It's also a good place to find blackberries if you are looking for some to pick.

The park has a trail through the woods and around the shoreline that's worth the 15 minutes it takes to hike it.

There are several picnic tables and lots of shade trees. This is a nice park well worth visiting.

There are views of the Cascades and Puget sound are very nice. You can see the ferrys and the other boats come and go. It's a good way to spend an afternoon in the shade along the coastline with a nice breeze.

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