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Port Orchard Washington Summer 2015

Trike ride on cushman trail in Gig Harbor

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Trike ride on Cushman trail in Gig Harbor

We tried to find the trail east end, but wasn't able to find it in our car, so we drove back to look for the west end, and Sandi spotted it on the way.

We unloaded the trikes at the trailhead near a main road. It's a nice trailhead with a toilet benches and the only thing it is missing is parking, but we made do.

The trail headed east for a 3 miles, and appeared to dead end. We found out later that there are additional sections, but there is very poor marking, and the trial continues on for quite a while, but the trail has a LOT of slope, and although it's pretty good exercise, it's sure not much fun to ride.

The trail is lined with blackberry bushes, so of you bring a container, you can probably get plenty of blackberries from July to Mid August if you bring some gloves to keep out of the thorns.

The pavement is pretty good, so it's a smooth trail. Too bad it wasn't designed by a trial designer.

Overall it's not a bad trail, just not much fun to ride it. Considering the dirth of other trails in the area, you are pretty much stuck with it if you live in Gig Harbor or surrounding communities. So take your medicine. :-)

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