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Port Orchard Washington Summer 2015

Trike ride on Olympic, Washington Chehalis trail part 1

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Trike ride on Olympic, Washington bike trail part 1

We found out about this trail on the Traillink website, which is a very useful tool, that provides very helpful information. I recommend this website as a resource.

The shady nature of this trail makes it particularly nice in Olympic, where the temperatures can get hot in summer, and where the sun on a hot day made it almost unbearably hot on a hot summer day.

The section of this trail that I liked the most starts from the Chamber lake trailhead on 14th avenue about a half mile west of Sleater Kinney road.

From the trailhead you can ride south for several miles, or north for a shorter distance before you connect to other trails or start going on bridges over highways.

It's a nice wide trail that appears to be well maintained, the trail crosses 3 or 4 streets but it's not too much of a distraction, and the trail also crosses over several streets, which is less distracting than stopping and looking to see if there's traffic coming.

When we rode on the trail, the railroad at the south end of the trail had the trail fenced off. I'm sort of surprised that the county allowed that to happen, but it did happen. Nonetheless there is plenty of trail for a nice ride, and plenty of connecting trails to ride as well.

The trailhead has a nice bathroom and parking area. This is a highlight of Olympia. Don't miss it when you're in the area!

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