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Scenic Drive to North Cascades Natl Park - Part 1

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Scenic Drive to North Cascades Natl Park - Part 1

Driving north on Interstate 5 from Seattle, to get to North Cascades National park, you take highway 20 east from Mt. Vernon. The national parks in in the midst of the ( North ) Cascades mountain range.

The North Cascades national park is a beautiful mountainous region where the glaciers have carved out lakes and mountains into art that no artist could make.

There are many trails and campgrounds in this area that create a great many opportunities to enjoy these mountains.

Right in the middle of this national park is Ross Lake, which is a beautiful body of water that was carved out of the mountains in past ice ages.

The lakes are an emerald green, instead of a blue color, because the of the "rock flour" that has flowed down into the lake from the streams.

I visited the visitor center, and found plenty of good sources of information, and answers to all my questions. If you go out behind the visitor center, there is a beautiful vista of mountains.

The only way to truely celebrate the beauty of this national park is with a backpack and time. But unfortunately I didn't have the time. But it's on my list.

In spite of the shortcomings of my planning for our visit, it is a very beautiful park, as are most of the national parks, and it comes highly recommended. What makes North Cascades national park so special is it's natural beauty.

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