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Wilderness of Rocks three day backpacking adventure - day 3 part 4

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Wilderness of Rocks three day backpacking adventure - day 3 part 4 - West Branch of Sabino Canyon to tram stop 9

After the second days hike dropping nearly 4,000 feet and going 7 miles, we had a good nights sleep.

Once the sun came up over the top of the canyon walls and it got light we each started packing up our respective tents and contents. We went ahead and cooked our breakfast at the campsite before we left.

We had consumed all of our water reserves except for one liter at the beginning of the third day, knowing that there was water in Hutches pool, which we would be hiking past, and could make as much water as we needed on our hike out of Sabino canyon.

The canyon walls are very scenic on the way east hiking down the west branch of Sabino canyon so I got a lot of pictures.

Although it was about 8 miles, it wasn't a bad hike out of the canyon.

This being the third day, it seemed like we were both getting used to lugging our 40 pound packs on our back, so the hike this third day wasn't too bad.

We had a little bit of a startle when we got to the tram stop 9 and the tram was pulling away from the stop, worried that we had missed the last tram for the day.

This raised our concern as we waited for the next tram, which was supposed to come on the 20 minute mark, but it didn't come until we'd been there for close to 50 minutes. But we were glad to see the tram come when it did come.

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