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Port Orford Oregon Summer 2015

Scenic Drive to Bandon - part 2

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Scenic Drive to Bandon - part 2

We have some friends (Tom and Chris) who live on the coast of Oregon, who we look up every time we stay near where they're staying.

This year they were staying near Bandon, at the fish hatchery.

Bandon has a very scenic coastline near the town.

Downtown there is a boardwalk where one can fish for crabs, and there are some pretty wood sculptures displayed.

We had lunch downtown and walked around the area. There was a place that displays art made from seatrash that boaters have dumped. Kind of neat.

One can walk down the beach and see lots of scenic panoramic views.

There are several sea stacks (rocks sticking up out of the water), and see the water crashing on the sand.

There is a scenic lighthouse there that you can see from a distance.

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