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Bend, Oregon 2016

Deschutes River walk, Bend, Oregon - part 1

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Deschutes River walk, Bend, Oregon - part 1

The Deschutes River is really more like a wild mountain stream. It cuts a winding path through Bend, and conforms to the twists and turns (bends) in the stream.

When Sandi and I hiked this trail, it was a warm day, especially in the sun, in the high 70's, and it felt more like upper 80's in the sun.

The river / stream is lined with houses up on the bluffs overlooking Bend, and that is unfortunate, but probably certain to happen, since everybody wants a house with a nice view. There are several car and pedestrain bridges over the stream, which connect trails that follow the turns of the stream. there are both paved and unpaved / rocky sections of the trail.

Unfortunately there are private lands that break up the trails and land surrounding the stream, but there are still plenty of pretty views and there's something very special about the sounds that are generated by a wild mountain stream that has rapids.

The Deschutes river through bend is as much a part of Bend as it is a part of the mountain snow melt drainage system from the nearby mountains. These stream trails are very pleasant, and Bend did well to build these trails and maintain them. These sections of trail and the parks along the stream are definitely a draw to the city of Bend.

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